If you are facing a family law issue in League City, the Clear Lake Area or Friendswood, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced problem solver and expert trial lawyer. Attorney Rob Musemeche is a board-certified family law specialist who can protect your legal rights throughout a divorce or child custody case. Schedule Your consultation Today

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Musemeche Law, P.C. has over 30 years of experience in contested divorce and custody cases. Our family law firm serves clients in our hometown of League City and into Clear Lake Area & Friendswood. We offer sharp legal expertise, combined with soft personal compassion. Additionally, Rob Musemeche is board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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Experienced League City Family Law Attorneys: A Steady Hand In Stormy Times

It’s not uncommon for people who need help with a family law case to be going through a difficult personal challenge. The cases themselves are rife with emotional flashpoints, ranging from one’s own financial future to that of their children. What people need most from their family lawyer is a firm hand at the wheel. That’s what Musemeche Law, P.C. provides. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen cases by the thousands. We draw on that experience to give our clients an honest assessment of how their case looks by the standards of Texas family law. We meticulously prepare for each case–our experience has led us to know the questions that need to be asked and the information that must be secured.

Proper preparation is vital to a family law case. With preparation and a firm grasp of all the details of a client’s case, we can then apply creative thinking to come up with solutions that those with less experience might not be able to see. All we ask of clients is that they be open with us about what we know is a difficult situation. In return, we give them the benefit of our legal expertise. We also give them loyalty, consistent communication, and a determination to advocate zealously for their best interests at every stage of the process. We can’t make the personal pain a client may be feeling go away–although we would if we could. What we can do is make sure they have peace of mind knowing that their legal case has a steady and experienced hand guiding it.

The range of issues that can be covered in a family law case can be complex. A divorce case will involve the division of property, a process that requires determining what property belongs to an individual spouse and what property belongs to the marriage. The latter must then be divided in accord with community property distribution laws in the state of Texas. Child custody issues have to be worked out. Will a child spend equal time with both parents or will one home be their primary residence? What will visitation schedules look like? As a part of this process, the financial support of children must also be established with a concrete payment program. Spousal support–often referred to as alimony–can be an issue as contentious as its complex in a divorce settlement.

It’s further possible that the terms of a divorce settlement will be subject to later change. One parent loses a job–or gets a promotion that results in more financial prosperity. Either one can trigger a revisiting of the settlement agreement. A settlement that required litigation and a decision by a Texas family law judge could be subject to appeal. Appellate law is a unique legal process unto itself and the caliber of someone’s family law attorney might determine the success or failure of an appeal. The relocation of a parent can be a thorny legal question as it pertains to child custody. The long track record of Musemeche Law, P.C. can give clients confidence their case is in secure hands. Contact us today at (281) 809-9757 or connect with us online to set up a consultation

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Family Law Attorneys for League City, Clear Lake Area & Friendswood

A family law case might come down to two things–how well a client’s lawyer understands complex financial issues, and how willing they are to make their case in front of a judge at trial. Attorney Rob Musemeche has built his long career on precisely those attributes. He has represented business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations in cases where the grasp of minute details can have significant financial repercussions. Attorney Musemeche developed his legal career in its early days by working underneath excellent trial lawyers. To this day, he understands that the willingness to be a courtroom warrior is an enormous asset in pre-trial negotiations for his clients. A deep understanding of applicable law is the necessary foundation for winning a case, but fierce advocacy is vital to making that knowledge count for clients.

Experience, diligent preparation, and creative advocacy for the best interests of our clients is the cornerstone of Musemeche Law, P.C. So is straightforward honesty and candor with our clients about their case. We talk our clients through the realities of Texas family law and help them understand when their case is strong and when expectations need to be measured. Personal compassion for clients who may be struggling with the issues they’re dealing with is essential in family law. We show our compassion by assuring our clients that we’ve got their legal affairs in hand, so they can focus on moving to the next stage of their lives. From our League City office, we also serve Clear Lake Area and Friendswood. Reach out to Musemeche Law, P.C. today at (281) 809-9757 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

  • ☼ Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • ☼ Devoted to Professionalism and Compassion
  • ☼ Helping Clients Make Informed Decisions
  • ☼ Over 30 Years of Courtroom Experience

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  • I had a very good impression of the entire staff, so I’m giving it a 5 star.

    “Robert was very helpful and attentive during my consultation with him, he answered all my questions in the best way he could and I had a good experience at this place.”

  • I always felt very comfortable and taken care of the entire time.

    “Robert Musemeche was exactly what I was looking for when needing a lawyer for my recent divorce. Not ever having needed a lawyer before, I was a bit nervous in finding one.”

  • This law firm and it's entire staff, attorney included, have given me hope.

    “I have been impressed with the professionalism and fairness we have experienced. I am very grateful to have a law firm I trust. Highly recommend.”

  • He also got me everything I asked for in my case including child custody and all. His assistant Kenda, is an amazing woman.

    “Rob is very easy to work with. He helped keep me calm during my divorce process and assured me everything would be alright. I felt as his billing was efficient and that for what he did in 2 months for me, the price was perfect.”

  • He’s very straight forward and makes sure you are aware of everything that’s going on. Staff is just as kind and considerate!

    “Wow!! For family matters this is the lawyer you want on your side! Not only does he get the job done but will explain every possible direction and have it covered!”

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