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Can Child Custody be Changed?

At the time of a divorce in Texas, parents will need to work together to form a parenting plan, which outlines the parental responsibilities of each parent [...]

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Common-law marriage in Texas

Texas is unique in many ways, and our family code is certainly no exception. We are the only state in the country that allows people to be considered common-law married and while also assuming that all property acquired by the common law married couple is community [...]

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Does living together mean you’re married?

In Texas, the short answer is "maybe." The concept of an informal marriage, sometimes referred as Common Law marriage, does exist in Texas. According to current law, (which may undergo a major re-write in this upcoming session of the Legislature) the marriage of a “man [...]

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Lifetime Alimony . . . in Texas.

No, that's not a misprint. And, while lifetime spousal support after divorce is certainly not the norm, Texas courts do have the power and authority to order alimony (we call it spousal maintenance) if specific criteria are met, and the duration of time for the award can [...]

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The Civil Justice System - a crash course

As a lawyer in my 29th year of practice, together with additional years of education and training before that, I know our legal system must seem complex and mysterious for most. Many people find themselves introduced to lawyers and the courts for the first time in the [...]

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