Trial & Appeals

Trial & Appeals Lawyer

State and Federal Appeals

An appellate lawyer provides critical litigation services during and after the conclusion of a case. These tasks include motions for summary judgment, motions for directed verdict, motions for new trial, and JNOV motions. Additionally, the appellate team works to preserve error, as well as prepare and argue the jury charge. Appellate attorneys also handle petitions for writs of mandamus, interlocutory appeals, and appeals from final judgments. They write and respond to petitions for review and submit amicus curiae briefs. Rob Musemeche brings a history of accomplishment and skill to every appellate project he handles. He advocates for clients in state and federal courts, including the Fifth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

Complex Trials and Specialty Litigation

Disputes are often inevitable in business, manufacturing, services, and the marketplace. Sometimes parties can resolve their disputes informally and without the assistance of attorneys. However, when the issues are complex, the damages are substantial, and it appears that recourse to the courts is the only option available to seek redress and justice, then you need the experience and wisdom of a skilled trial lawyer. Rob Musemeche has been board certified in personal injury trial law continuously since 1994. Thus, in addition to family law and probate litigation, you can count on Musemeche Law to provide reasoned and experienced trial counsel in your civil or administrative case regarding breach of contract, construction and real estate disputes, wrongful death, deceptive trades practices and fraud claims.

An Experienced League City Attorney for Civil Trial and Appellate Matters

Attorney Rob Musemeche has more than three decades of experience handling complex civil litigation and appellate matters. Out of respect for his skill and reputation, clients and other lawyers often call upon Musemeche Law to either take over in-progress litigation, or be added as associated counsel shortly after the case has commenced. Call 281-475-4145 or contact us online to schedule your consultation with an experienced League City Trial and appellate attorney.