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Unlike other states, Texas does not recognize legal separation. For this reason, you can be either married or divorced in the Lone Star State. That is why spouses who want to live apart or intend to get divorced can benefit from obtaining a temporary order.

If you are looking to obtain a temporary order in the League City, Friendswood, or Clear Lake areas, seek help from our experienced attorney Rob Musemeche, the founder of Musemeche Law, P.C.

When do You Need to Obtain a Temporary Order?

A temporary order can help bring stability to a difficult situation when you and your spouse are separated or seeking a Texas divorce. You may benefit from asking a Judge to issue a temporary order in the following situations:

  • You cannot agree who will stay in the marital house and who should move out;
  • You and your spouse cannot agree who should pay household bills;
  • You cannot decide who should have primary possession of the child;
  • You cannot agree to a visitation schedule while your divorce case is pending; and
  • You want your spouse to pay temporary child support and/or alimony.

Voluntary vs. Court-Ordered Temporary Order

A temporary order can be either signed voluntarily or imposed by a Judge:

  • Voluntary temporary order. Often, spouses are able to reach an agreement and sign a temporary order voluntarily without any involvement by the court. However, it is critical to have a knowledgeable attorney help you create a legally binding and enforceable temporary order because you would still need the judge’s approval.
  • Court-ordered temporary order. When a temporary order is imposed by the judge, the parties may be required to attend an evidentiary hearing to testify and present their arguments. However, the spouses have no control over the outcome of the hearing because the judge has wide discretion in deciding the terms of the order.

Also, the judge may require the parties to try mediation before a temporary order hearing. Mediation is a less formal process that allows the spouses to negotiate a mutually acceptable temporary order with the help of their attorneys and a neutral, third party mediator.

Contact an Attorney to Obtain a Temporary Order

A temporary order hearing can feel like a trial because it is a formal process that requires the parties to provide testimony and evidence. Also, depending on your case, the judge may question witnesses to issue a temporary order.

It is understandable that emotions will run high when attending this hearing and presenting your case in front of the judge, especially since a temporary order can affect the outcome of your divorce.

For this reason, it is highly advised to be represented by a skilled temporary order attorney in the League City, Friendswood, or Clear Lake areas to help you present your case in the most convincing manner and fight for your rights and interests. 

Reach out to Musemeche Law, P.C., to discuss your situation. Our reputable and experienced attorney Rob Musemeche is committed to helping clients through this process to ensure that they obtain a favorable temporary order. Call (281) 809-9757 to schedule a case review.

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