Parental Relocation

Parental Relocation

Protecting the rights of parents and their children in relocation cases in League City, Friendswood, and Clear Lake Area.

Many people are looking for a fresh start after a divorce. For many, moving to a new city or state is an opportunity to start a new life. However, relocating is complicated if you are a parent of minor children and share custody of your kids with your ex.

If you want to relocate with your children or want to prevent your former spouse from moving with your kids, you should hire a League City parental relocation attorney at Musemeche Law, P.C. to represent your interests.

What is Parental Relocation?

Parental relocation refers to a parent moving with a minor child when the parent is subject to a custody or visitation order issued by the court. Typically, custody orders include geographic restrictions to ensure that children live near both parents.

Geographic restrictions in custody orders are intended to make it easier for the non-custodial parent to have frequent and continuing contact with the kids. Often, the geographic restrictions limit a child’s residency to one specific county where he or she currently lives and the surrounding counties.

However, not all custody orders impose geographic restrictions, which is why it is essential to review your court order to determine if you or the other parent can relocate without consent or court intervention.

Note: Short-distance or short-term relocation may not require the non-moving parent’s agreement or court intervention.

How to Get Court Approval for Parental Relocation in Texas

When one parent wants to move with the child beyond the geographic restrictions outlined in the custody order, Texas courts consider the following factors before approving parental relocation:

Why You Need a League City Parental Relocation Attorney

Requesting court approval for parental relocation to move beyond the geographic restrictions is no guarantee that the court will approve the request. For this reason, it is vital to seek help from an experienced parental relocation attorney to look at the unique circumstances of your case and ensure that the court allows you to relocate.

If you are a non-moving parent who does not want the other parent to move to a new county, city, state, or country, it is critical to hire a skilled attorney to present your case and convince the court to deny the moving parent’s relocation request.

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