Custody Orders in Texas

Enforcement of Custody Orders in Texas

If the child’s other parent fails to honor the terms of your TX custody order, you may be able to start enforcement proceedings.

It is not uncommon for parents to butt heads over child custody after a divorce in Texas. When a divorced parent violates the terms of a custody order, the other parent can hold the non-compliant parent accountable for their actions through enforcement action.

For example, a parent denying the other parent visitation with their child may be grounds for enforcement of the custody order. If your former spouse willfully fails to comply with a custody order, it is advisable to consult with an attorney.

At Musemeche Law, our skilled attorneys are prepared to help you enforce the court order in your case and hold the other parent in contempt of court.

Enforcement of Visitation and Custody Orders in League City

Many people do not understand the difference between visitation and custody when seeking enforcement actions. Let’s discuss what makes these two terms different:

If the other parent violates a visitation or custody order, do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable attorney in League City to protect your rights and your child’s best interests.

What is Enforcement of Custody Order Options in Texas?

There are different enforcement measures that differ in severity. The severity of an enforcement measure depends on the type and the circumstances of the violation. If a parent commits a minor violation that does not endanger the child’s safety or well-being, the non-compliant parent may only receive a warning.

However, when the parent’s violations of a custody order are severe or persistent, it may be necessary to start enforcement proceedings to hold the parent in contempt of court and impose other sanctions.

In Texas, courts use contempt proceedings to make a non-compliant parent comply with a custody order and prevent violations in the future. When a parent is found in contempt of court, the parent may be ordered to pay fines or may even serve a sentence in jail.

If you are considering filing a motion for enforcement, speak with an experienced family lawyer at Musemeche Law to discuss your options.

You Need an Attorney to Enforce a Custody Order in Texas

It is advisable to seek the legal counsel of an attorney for enforcement of a custody order in Texas. Our attorneys at Musemeche Law understand the importance of following visitation and custody orders. We are committed to helping our clients enforce court orders when the other parent fails to honor the terms of the order.

If the other parent interferes with your visitation rights or court-ordered parenting time, our attorneys at Musemeche Law will help you prepare and file a motion for enforcement to hold the other parent responsible for the violations and hold them in contempt.

Let’s discuss your enforcement of custody order options during a consultation with our League City enforcement of custody orders attorneys. Contact Musemeche Law by calling (281) 475-4145 or fill out our contact form.