The Challenges of Divorcing an Alcoholic or Addict

16 Sep, 2020

By Rob Musemeche

Divorce is always hard, but divorcing an alcoholic or addict can make it even more complicated and stressful. Get help from a skilled lawyer.

Leaving the person with whom you have built memories and established a life is incredibly challenging, even if you know that it is time to move on. In addition to the normal challenges of a divorce that every couple will go through, each couple also faces their own unique challenges. For those who are married to an untreated alcoholic or addict, divorce may be especially emotional and complex. Consider some of these common challenges of divorcing an alcoholic or addict and call our experienced family law attorney for representation during the divorce process.

Ways That Addiction Can Complicate Divorce

While each person’s situation will vary on a case-by-case basis, addiction of any form — including drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and gambling — can complicate a marriage and a divorce. Ways that addiction can complicate divorce include:

Of course, in addition to the legal elements that may be complicated by a divorce from a person who struggles with addiction, there may also be additional social and emotional consequences, too. For example, it may feel impossible to maintain a friendly relationship with an ex who struggled with addiction. One or both parties may also lose friends or struggle to maintain relationships with family as such. Unless and until the untreated alcoholic or addict successfully rehabilitates and recovers, then their illness and selfish behaviors will invariably continue to impact the family, during and potentially well after the divorce is final.

Get Help from an Experienced TX Divorce Lawyer

At the office of Musemeche Law, P.C., we understand how challenging divorce is, especially if you are divorcing someone who struggles with alcoholism and addiction. When you choose our law firm, we will take the aggressive tactics that your case requires, while also recognizing the sensitive nature of the situation and protecting your family and confidentiality. We have the experience that your case demands and are ready to advocate for you. To learn more about our firm and services, please contact us directly today by phone or online. We can start working on your case immediately.