How Soberlink Can Help You With Child Visitation Rights

If you are a parent with child visitation rights, your visitation order may prohibit you from drinking around the child, especially if you have a history of alcohol abuse.

If you had problems with alcohol, the other parent might look for any excuse to convince the court to take away your visitation rights. Fortunately, you can use Soberlink to protect yourself from false accusations of alcohol abuse and protect your visitation rights.

If you are struggling with an addiction or are on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse, consult with a League City child custody lawyer to determine if using Soberlink can protect your visitation privileges.

Why You Should Use Soberlink to Protect Your Child Visitation Rights

Soberlink is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system that combines the functionality of a Breathalyzer with wireless connectivity. This modern technology can be used to demonstrate proof of sobriety in real-time.

Most people who want to protect their child visitation rights prefer Soberlink to traditional forms of alcohol monitoring because it is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Admissible as evidence in courts

Soberlink is Non-Invasive and Convenient

Unlike traditional forms of alcohol monitoring, Soberlink provides a non-invasive way to monitor alcohol and prove sobriety in real-time. The alcohol monitoring system has facial recognition technology for identity verification.

Thanks to the remote capabilities of Soberlink, alcohol monitoring can be easily incorporated into your schedule. Unlike traditional ways to monitor alcohol, you do not need to find time in your busy schedule to submit to regular in-person testing.

Instead of having to worry about in-person testing, you can focus on spending quality time with your children. Using Soberlink provides the other parent with peace of mind in knowing that you are sober during child visitation.

Soberlink Can Provide Court-Admissible Evidence of Sobriety

Soberlink is equipped with advanced technology that detects any attempts to tamper with the alcohol monitoring device or its results. The device allows you to submit tests in real-time to prove that you did not consume alcohol.

The reliability and convenience of Soberlink allow users to use evidence of sobriety to establish favorable child visitation arrangements.

The remote alcohol testing device provides court-admissible evidence to prove continued sobriety. The admissibility of Soberlink’s test results is critical for those who need to fight against false alcohol abuse accusations and establish or protect child visitation rights.

A history of alcohol abuse can result in the denial of a parent’s custody and visitation privileges. However, regular use of Soberlink allows a parent to disprove false accusations of alcohol abuse because they can use the device remotely to show a pattern of sobriety.

Soberlink Helps Manage a Parent’s Sobriety

With Soberlink, parents with a history of alcohol abuse can manage their sobriety because the device can help them stay on track with regular tests. Depending on the situation, parties may agree to alcohol testing every day or only during parenting time.

Contact a League City Child Custody Lawyer

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